I'm Baaaack!

well hello there

You know in the movies when the slightly jaded hero goes into the church to talk to the priest, and in the darkness you hear "excuse me father for I have sinned, it has been 100 days since my last confession." That is a little bit how I feel right now - it has been over a year and half since my last post... I know, I know. Honestly when I think about it I have a bunch of different emotions - guilt for leaving you without my ramblings and recipes, joy - that I am in such a different place than where I was a year and a half ago, and lastly nervous! I am totally nervous - its like when you go out for drinks with someone who you used to be close with and your unsure as to what to say or do with your hands? Now this is not at all your fault - it is 100% on me, life got busy and crazy and fun and I stopped writing.

I was talking to my sister the other day, and she asked me why I stopped. and honestly the only answer I could come up with was that I was busy. But sharing recipes and my random thoughts with you all makes me really happy, and life is too short to not do things that make you happy. SO - I am getting back on the horse!

A lot has changed for me personally since I last wrote you - so I feel like I need to introduce myself again, so here it goes... Hi! I'm Louise and this is my blog. My goal here is to share delicious gluten free recipes with you all. Here you will be able to find tasty gluten free recipes that will keep you full. This is a blog for glutards and gluten lovers alike.

So - are you willing to give me another shot and continue on this journey with me? Stay tuned for lots of new recipes and hopefully some laughs.



PS. a huge shout out to my sister for pushing me to write again, A you are the best.